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A Brief Introduction to Bath Types   by KingsBathroom

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Baths have been around for many centuries. Historical evidence reveals baths dating back to as early as 3300BC. The idea of developing dedicated bathrooms in homes caught up with people after the Second World War. Today, there are as many bath designs as there are bathrooms. Modern bathrooms can be designed from different raw materials, a factor that gives designers ample leeway to push design styles to the limit.

Different bath styles are designed for various reasons such as convenience, aesthetics or sheer comfort. Attempting to list different bath styles can be overwhelming. Let's sample a few popular styles:


As the name suggests, the claw-foot bath is the type that sit over 4 clawed feet. This type of bath became popular among the affluent class towards the end of the 19th century. It was made of cast iron and was very heavy. Modern types are produced using newer lighter materials which make them easy to manufacture.There are many variations in the open market which includes slipper tubs. It is the type that features sloppy high and double ended tubs which provide greater comfort.


Alcove baths are commonly referred to as recessed baths. It is the most familiar type of bath to most of us. It is normally installed against a three-sided wall and is common in the majority of homes. Its design architecture has not changed much over the years although the construction materials have. Latest trends are made of acrylic as opposed to enamel coated steel. You can also find good designs which are made of fiberglass.


A drop-in bath is not very common due to the space and drainage system used. This bath type is made in such a way that it dips into a large cavity beneath the floor. Sometimes you find it installed on a raised platform to give it a flush finish. They can be quite aesthetical and appealing. Depending on how it is designed, some can be problematic especially when stepping out of it. These baths are very luxurious and can have air jets installed for that spa quality.


Baths designs which have no wall support attachments are referred to as freestanding. It is one of those innovative designs which have sprung up in recent times. Unconventional styles have since been produced in different shapes, themes and construction materials. Technically, claw-foot styles come as freestanding. There are many other design variants that fall on this category. Whirlpool and walk-in types are some of the recent developments.