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Aromatherapy Bath Salts: Making Bath Relaxing   by Mercy Dorson

in Health    (submitted 2007-12-18)

Bathing takes away all your daily fatigue and that's why bathing is indispensable in one's daily schedule. The importance of bath can be traced back to ancient Persia or the Roman Empire where special significance was given to the ritual of bath. Today, for most of us, bathing is a way to relax, unwind and leave the worldly chores behind. Well, what about bathing with a sprinkling of nature. One of the best ways to bath with natural products is by using aromatherapy bathing salts.

Aromatherapy bath salts can be easily found in most of the stores catering to aromatherapy products. Now they have become common and are much popular these days. There are a range of aromatherapy bath salts which produce the effect that you are looking for. The bath salts relaxes your muscles and removing any aches and pains. They also exfoliate the skin and their fragrance brings a sense of calm and well being.

Well, here you can get creative too. You can create your own bath salts with aromatherapy bath salt recipes. Various sea salts, bath salts, Epsom salts, and bicarb can be used to prepare aromatherapy bath salts. Aromatherapy bath salts can be also a great gifting idea for you family and loved ones. These salts are great for your skin, beauty care and good health.

Take due precautions before applying any bath salts into your bath. Be sure that you are not allergic to the bath salt you are going to use. Otherwise, it will cause trouble for you rather than doing well being of your mind and body. Take some water and put some salts to it. Then, soak your hand or feet into the water containing this aromatherapy salts. Now, if you find the test has gone ok, go and enjoy you bath, with aromatherapy bath salts. Aromatherapy bath salts can be integral in improving your mental and physical well being.