Baby Bath Tubs - Do I Need to Buy One For My Baby

It is easy to get carried away and buy your newborn everything they could possibly ever need. However, some things are more essential than others. A baby bath tub is one item that really can be made obsolete by you or your baby.

Some things you need to think about:


If you are going to buy a baby bath - shop around. Baby baths can cost anything from $10 to $100's (if you fancy splashing out on a roll top bath for your baby), and really depend on whether you want something stylish, or just practical.


We used a baby bath and the sink. It depended on who was bathing him. The baby bath could be used on the living room floor - until he started to splash too much! The sink was handy for a quicker bath.

Baby preference

For a while our baby developed hatred of bath time, we didn't know what to do He was about 1 1/2 and for no apparent reason at all, he seemed to be scared of water. He wouldn't use a baby bath or our bath at all. The only option left to us, was to top and tail him until the phobia passed. It worked, but it just goes to show, when YOU think something is OK for baby - they might have other ideas.


There are many ways to bath your baby.

In the adult bath - once your baby can sit up without assistance.

In a tummy tub or bucket bath - the 1st time you see these they look like very strange items. A tall tub that baby sits in, in the fetal position. As it replicates the womb; babies love them!

In a bowl in the sink - be careful to keep baby's head away from the taps In a baby bath with a support - these have a shaped sloping support that helps keep your baby more upright, while allowing them the freedom to splash around

In a regular baby bath. Probably the most common method.


There are so many accessories you can buy from toys to baby bathrobes:

Toys - I really wanted my baby to have plastic bath ducks - but this was for me not him - he had absolutely no interest in them whatsoever! It was only as he got older that he started to want toys in the bath.

Bubble bath - again this is really only for when they get older. A newborn baby needs plain water for their bath - their skin just doesn't need anything in the water. Non slip bath mats - always a good idea if your child is using the bath

Baby shampoo visors - brilliant if your child starts to hate having their hair washed. It stops water running down their face and into their eyes when you rinse their hair.