Bathroom Design Ideas

Regardless of any bathroom design ideas you have, the real deciding factor is the kind of bathroom you have already. There are plenty of features you might like but that doesn't mean they will be suitable for your bathroom.

So when it comes to your bathroom design brief, make sure the features and style you choose fits in with the bathroom itself. Designing a small bathroom is obviously a challenge but the same can be said for a larger space. Bathroom design software is widely available these days and many companies will be able to use this in order to give you an idea of how the fixtures, fittings and features will shape up in the space available.

Size and dimensions obviously dictate your choice of bath, shower, toilet and basin, but there are other factors to consider. The space available and the light and shade of the bathroom should also have an effect on the bathroom tile designs and flooring style you choose, and of course colour choice is essential.

The style of your home as a whole can also provide inspiration for bathroom design ideas. And more to the point, your bathroom has to fit in with the interior decoration of the rest of your home. If you have a traditional look to your home, state-of-the-art design might not sit well in your bathroom, no matter how much you covet those modern appliances. Similarly, if you have a very contemporary look to the rest of your living space, a rustic style for your bathroom will be incongruous. But, hey, if it's time to update the whole of your home, feel free to start at the bathroom and work your way from there!

The next point to consider is your lifestyle. You have to vet your bathroom design ideas according to your living situation; a family of four or five will need a completely different bathroom to singles or couples. And let's not forget the older generation - they have a whole set of design criteria of their own, and the choice of bath especially could be key.

We're not finished yet - there are yet more factors to consider. How long do you plan to stay in your home? If you are thinking of putting your property on the market in the next few years then you should steer clear of any idiosyncratic design features that might not appeal to everyone. Try to make your design as clean and neutral as possible. That doesn't mean your bathroom has to be bland; just get the basics right and your bathroom will still be beautiful and highly functional.