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Detox Baths - Bath Therapies To Detox Your Body   by Rachel Paul

in Health / Alternative Medicine    (submitted 2010-11-04)

3 Best Detox Bath Recipes:

1] Baking Soda Detox bath (Arm & hammer Soda Bicarbonate):

To rid the body of cobalt, which is a heavy metal that may endanger the heart area, add one pound to a bathful of very warm water.

To clean and soothe itchy skin, add 1 cup of the baking soda while the bathtub fills with water. This bath is also called the "slenderizing bath" because it can produce an immediate weight loss. For continued weight loss, take the bath daily for 10 consecutive days.

2] Clorox Detox Bath:

This is the most powerful bath for getting rid of all heavy metals, including aluminium, the effects of fluoridation, drug deposits, and pesticides. It also helps purge various toxins from the system and drain the lymphs. Fill the bathtub with warm water and add 1 cup of regular Clorox. Immerse yourself up to your neck for 25 minutes. Do not rinse off for at least 8 hours. So the best way to achieve this would be to take this bath just before bedtime.

Take this bath once a week for at least a month.

3) Grapefruit Detox Bath:

Put 1/8 th of a grapefruit in your mouth for 7 minutes while sitting in a tub of water. While holding it in your mouth, do not chew it, and try to avoid swallowing the juice, although a tiny amount is ok. After 7 minutes, remove it from your mouth with a cloth, being careful not to touch the grapefruit. Then continue to sit in the water for 5-10 more minutes. Then let the water run out of the tub while you sit in it until the water is all drained out of the tub. This bath helps to rid the body of radiation, especially from nuclear testing. It is also used to ground people, and it is often helpful with respiratory problems. Repeat this bath several times a month, and thereafter only occasionally.

For all baths, immerse yourself in very warm water up to your neck for 25 minutes. You may apply a cold compress to your forehead to make it easier for you to withstand the heat of the bath. Lie down for a few minutes afterwards. Do not rinse for at least 8 hours. Do not combine these baths under any circumstance whatsoever.

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