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Dwelling Theater Systems: House Theater Room Design   by Brooke Ghormley

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First, a reminder: if you'll design the room your self, the time will come when you'll have to change the structure of the room to fit the altering essential rules of the home theater system as expertise advances. For instance, the popular placement of the show and the audio system might change. This is particularly hard to beat if you're married and male, because in all probability your spouse won't be pleased with cables mendacity round or in contemplating how the TV would look better on the "other wall."

We is not going to presume anything all through this article, together with whether the home is new or outdated, or whether or not some wiring is available or not. In the event you observe the factors carefully, you will be designing your home theater room in addition to anybody could.


Plan, plan, and re-replan…Carry paper and pencil you with as contemplate how your property theater will look and work. Don't necessarily insist on the putting the system within the first room you've got chosen. Maybe one other room can be be a better choice. Notice and document the size of the room and take into account the obtainable equipment. Be aware of the out there wall outlets. Cable covers can accommodate using distant retailers and energy strips with surge protectors can make up for a shortage of outlets.

Inserting the Display

To get a clearer image from your display, it's all the time essential to place it in a darker place. This does mean to go for a completely dark room like a cinema. The purpose is that you need to watch out about not placing the show on to a window. The sunshine coming from the window will finally scale back the brightness of the flicks displayed. In case you are helpless on the topic (like me) and can not discover a higher place, there is a resolution: go for black-out curtains which will block all the daylight and leave you with vivid colors. However this can in turn have a depressive effect. To counter this, put a soft light someplace behinds the seats. I recommend to use a dimmer with the light so as to regulate the luminosity to your best preference.

There's a point that I do not understand with the TV manufacturers. They insist on making the frames of the televisions in piano black, which is glossy. This glossy frame reflects again all the light and when you've got some gentle leaking to the room then you will instantly notice it around the display. I'm wondering why they don't go together with the matte end, which might keep away from much of this problem. See extra on casas vila real website.

Placing the Audio system

Earlier than going with the placement of the speakers, we've to adjust their height. To receive one of the best sound, you must organize the speaker top in order that the tweeters are at the similar stage together with your ears when you find yourself standing up. Keep away from putting the audio system at ear stage when sitting down, which is able to make the speakers fire the sound directly to your ears. All audio system are topic to this rule besides the subwoofer.

After that comes the speaker positioning, which you'll spend a lot time on deciding. The rule of thumb is that each one the audio system shall intersect at the point where you may be sitting.

Let's see a typical arrangement for the 7.1 speakers. I have particularly chosen the 7.1 placement, when you have 5.1, you merely will cancel the side left and aspect proper speakers and the remaining will be the same.

To begin with draw a circle and place your couch inside the circle.

Your sofa shall be looking on to the TV with a proper angle.

The TV and the center speaker should be in the same horizontal place.

The front left and front proper speakers shall be positioned at a 22° - 30° from the TV.

The rear left and rear proper audio system shall be positioned at a one hundred thirty five° - a hundred and fifty° from the TV.

The aspect left and aspect right speakers shall be placed at a 90° - one hundred ten° from the TV.

For a 6.1 speaker setting, the rear middle shall look directly to the TV. In different words, your couch has to be positioned between the TV and the rear center. The side left and facet right positions will be at the same positions above.

Some audio system have hinges/holes at the again to permit them to be held on walls. If so, ensure that they're secured to the wall (use L-shaped screws as an alternative of the straight ones) to protect them from falling and getting damaged. As well as it will likely be of use to mark the factors that the audio system contact to the partitions and put there small cushioning supplies to avoid the whizzing sound when the audio system deliver sound.

7.1 Speaker PlacementThe image shows a easy arrangement of a 7.1 speaker arrangement. The color coding is as follows:

Crimson: Your sofa

Black: TV (or the projected surface if you are using a projector)

Blue: Front heart

Cyan: Subwoofer

Magenta: Front left and front right

Yellow: Side left and facet right

Inexperienced: Rear left and rear proper


As you've gotten seen throughout the article, every part is concerned with a careful planning and implementation. With the placement of the TV, I strongly advocate you to get skilled assist, especially from the producer's own personnel to mount the TV. If you wish to use the TV's personal stand as a substitute of a wall mount, this is also high quality however I personally discover this unsafe. Think about your youngsters rocking the TV stand and your LCD falling face down.

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The speaker system may need some work to regulate the peak as necessary. Lots of as we speak's 5.1 and 7.1 speaker units include their very own stands but I don't recommend them since they use plastic material for the speaker casings.