Exploring The Different Types of Bath Wedding Favors

Bath and soap wedding favors come in many different types, shapes, colors and scents. A bath or soap favor can be luxurious and soothing; and is a great favor for bridal showers, baby showers, bridal luncheons, and even wedding favors. When shopping for bath favors you may not know what the difference between the types of bath favors that are available. Let's explore the most common of the types of bath favors available on the market today.

Bath Fizzers or Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are more commonly known in the favor market as bath fizzers; however both terms can be used interchangeably. When placed in water the bath fizzer dissolves and effervesces and in some cases adds color, scent and / or other materials into the water. Bath fizzers are normally composed of sodium bicarbonate (or another soluble carbonate) and citric acid (or other organic acid) which creates the fizzing effect when the solid reacts with the water. Bath fizzers usually are a single use shaped tablet or ball. Many fizzers contain soothing elements (such as a scent) and may also contain a cleaning agent (such as sea salt). Many say that the fizzing, bubbling action of fizzers is both tickling and relaxing. There are many exciting bath favor shapes on the market today including wedding cakes, fortune cookies, flowers, shells, and starfish.

Bath Salts

Bath salts are very beneficial as they can be composed of various minerals depending on the origin of them. Bath salts are normally crystalline in composition and a little scoop can go a long way. Bath salts normally dissolve completely in water and change the composition of the water so that the longer a bather soaks - they are less likely to prune or wrinkle. Bath salts soften the water and can condition the skin leaving a silky feeling. Depending on the manufacturer, bath salts can be scented and/or colored as well.

Bath Powder

Bath powder is similar in mineral composition to bath salts and contains the same therapeutic properties. However, bath salts are not crystalline, but rather a fine powder and dissolve much more easily when placed in water.

Bath Pearls or Bath Caviar

Bath pearls are also known as bath caviar. These bath beads are sure to provide a luxurious and indulging bath-time experience. Drop a handful into the tub to release the wonderful aroma and skin-soothing moisturizers as they dissolve.

Bath Confetti