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Free Kitchen Design Software Guide   by Louis Zhang

in Home / Home Repair    (submitted 2008-06-23)

One of the most exciting renovations that you'll do to your home is building a new kitchen. Your kitchen is the center of your house. It's where your family comes to talk and where food is prepared for meals. Your kitchen is likely the area of your home that receives the most traffic. So, designing a new kitchen should be exciting and rewarding. And if you're using kitchen design software to help you create your new kitchen, you can leave your own stylish mark before the contractors even begin the work.

Features Your Software Should Have

For the uninitiated, kitchen design can be daunting. There are dozens of factors to consider such as the dimensions of your kitchen, the lighting, location of key appliances (built-in refrigerators, stoves, etc.), countertops, islands and more. Your software should offer features that can provide flexibility in designing these elements. You should be able to input your kitchen's dimensions, control light sources and shadows throughout the kitchen and view the entire room in 3D.

Also, a dependable design program should come with templates and furniture objects that you can modify while you design the room. You should be able to select from various types of materials to gain an appreciation for how different types of wood and granite might look throughout your new kitchen. Many of the best programs will allow you to design with a preloaded library of fixtures for cabinet doors and drawers. Finally, when you've completed the design of your kitchen, your software should be able to offer a report of the materials needed to finish the job.

The Splendor Of A New Kitchen