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Interior Design London - Bathroom Design Explained. Part I: Creativity   by Christina

in Home / Interior Design    (submitted 2010-01-10)

Professional bathroom designers are expert at combining purpose and aesthetics to craft astonishing designs. In this four-part collection of articles, “Bathroom Design Explained,” I rely on my years of know-how gleaned from collaborating with London’s finest bathroom designers to explore this dynamic profession. This article discusses how to envision magical and fresh new creations.

Decades ago, bathrooms were not flash and fancy. Often the most fabulous part of a London bathroom was a good read, some rudimentary illumination and a washbasin full of bubbly warm water. Then professional bathroom designers arrived, and that scenario was swiftly transformed. Now in 2010, with Londoners finding themselves so busy and increasingly overwhelmed, the bathroom has started to transform into a retreat space. Homeowners are engaging bathroom designers because they crave singular, luxury specials that bring a hint of extravagance to the mundane.

The professional bathroom designer begins with heaps of creativity. Modern designs are different from anything seen before - in London, the beauty bathroom, the hideaway/sanctuary bathroom, and the home entertainment bathroom (replete with LCD TVs and whole-room speaker systems!) are just a few of the most sought-after designs. Every one demands its own bathroom design accessories, from spa-style hot tubs to in-tile thermals to slide-out heated storage for washcloths and linens. Even the washbasins and toilets have become surprisingly creative and elegant. Imagine bathroom designs that feature silent-flush toilets, touch-sensitive bath jet controls and theatrical mood lighting. Imagine as well resort-themed bathroom designs. Some quarters of the interior design field are seeking to completely abandon ordinary factory-built cabinets and standard towel rails. London Bathroom Design today is starting to focus on contemporary vessel washbasins and textile-ensconced seating options. Resort-type coffee makers and minibar-style refrigerators are being requested by clients for installation literally within bathroom walls or cupboards!

Modern entertainment engineering plays a role in many of London's high-end designer bathrooms. Entertainment concepts that incorporate slimline televisions and multidirectional speaker systems are now seen as the norm. Certain bathroom designers will inconspicuously sneak a Blu-Ray system and high-def TV into cabinetry above the towel rail. Splendid for busy London professionals who crave the latest updates on oil trading prices from Sky News as you start your day!