Kitchen Wall Clock - What Your Time Should Look Like

You know, I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Every morning I'm sitting at my kitchen table having my usual cup of coffee or two. If I happen to be at home during the noon hour, here I am, back in my kitchen fixing myself something to eat for lunch. In the late afternoon, once again, I'm back in my kitchen preparing the evening meal for myself and my family.

I have noticed over the years that the one thing most kitchens have is a clock hanging on the wall. I have also noticed that the style of kitchen clock hanging on the wall can make the difference between dull and unnoticeable and charming and sensational.

In order to compliment the style of your kitchen with a wall clock that will be a charming sensation, all you have to do is know what wall clock will add these attributes to your kitchen's atmosphere.

So okay, let the truth be known that the thought of writing this information on kitchen wall clocks wasn't all my idea. I received an email from the contact page of the website the other day. It was a note from a lady by the name of Catherine.

Catherine had written me a note saying that she was browsing through the website and came across "Wall Clocks." As she further explored this section of the website, she was so impressed by the information on kitchen wall clocks, she decided to write me to express her appreciation. So this is actually how I got the idea to write about wall clocks for this special room.

So let me see. Where do I start? How about I go over different styles of kitchen decor and then I will make suggestions of what style wall clock might be the perfect match.

When it comes to kitchen styles or decor, you have Art Deco, Country, Modern and Retro. The colors of this room may or in some cases may not influence the style of wall clock you hang on your kitchen wall. This all depends on basically on the type of wall clock you choose to hang.

I will start out with the Art Deco kitchen. This type of kitchen decor usually has some sort of wall art hanging on the walls. This could be plaques in the forms of fruit or vegetables. Also, the kitchen backsplash walls will typically have mosaic tile murals running above the counters with pictures of Horns of Plenty, Wine Bottles with Platters of Fruit and Cheese or Baskets of a Colorful Fruit and Vegetable Arrangements.

The Art Deco kitchen could be accompanied by several styles of wall clocks. These clocks include the Recipes Decorative Wall Clock which starts its life as an actual painting which is then transformed into a kitchen wall clock. In this style of wall clock you also have Whimsical Teapots, Cappuccino Decorative and The Vitis wall clock that features a Vitaceae vine design. These are more than kitchen wall clocks. These are works of art.

So now let's take a look at Country Kitchens. Here there are a variety of themes to choose from. You have to ask yourself is your Country Kitchen theme based on flowers, farm animals, domestic animals, fruit, vegetables, wild birds or frogs (yes, I said frogs).

If your answer is flowers, then you might want to choose the Sunflower with the Brown center wall clock, Red Garden Wall Clock, the Daisy pendulum wall clock or the Bouquet Tiny Times Clock. Your choice is just a matter of which clock will best match up with the colors and style of your kitchen.

Next we will take a look at the Modern Kitchen. Here you have stainless steel appliances with metal wall tile walls and backsplashes. Glass top tables with acrylic chairs, chrome pot racks and multi-colored small appliances sitting on counter tops. So now you ask me, "What style of kitchen wall clock would be the perfect solution to this modern day mess hall?"