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Kitchens, Kitchens, Kitchens, What you Should Know About Buying your New Kitchen!   by FabVin

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Kitchens, Kitchens, Kitchens â€" What you should know about buying your new Kitchen!

I am in kitchen business (funny enough) and I sell my business on honesty, integrity, and through a very good website. I don't have a large showroom and I conduct all my business through one to one consultations. I am amazed when people say to me but the guys at homeshopper, or homely creations to use pseudonyms can sell me a kitchen for â,¬2,500 and you are charging me â,¬4000.

Well the simple facts are that the guy selling you the kitchen at the local hardware or DIY shop does not have to gather the different components that make up your kitchen, deliver them to your door, fit your kitchen and ask you when all is done are you happy with the end product. As a kitchen manufacturer and supplier I think that people should take more time in their decisions when investing such a large amount in their home. I understand that we all don't have big budgets to splash out on all the best products that go into a kitchen.

But I do believe with special care and attention to detail that even the cheapest kitchens can look spectacularly more expensive when we have a one to one with the client. Remember the guy at the DIY store only wants to sell you the kitchen, he does not have to worry if all the parts do or don't turn up at your home, he just wants the cheque and he has done his job.

You see it is his job to sell you the kitchen. He can show you the nice 3D Graphic images of how it will look. But remember he is not the one who has to put it together. So what he has sold you is a pile of flat melamine sheets cut to size and they need to be put together.

Now the salesman passes on your order to the Despatch Manager, who in turn passes it on to the dispatch guy in the warehouse. The guy in the warehouse is only doing his job, but he may be plucking your order from the shelves while at the same time listening to some rapper dude on his headphones. He will also get his cheque come week-end!

The kitchen is promised for delivery in 2 â€" 3 weeks. You should read this as being 5 â€" 6 weeks. So now you have a purchased a kitchen â€" remember you have only purchased units, worktop, cornice and pelmet, handles and joiner and end bars. So now you have the extra costs of the following items:

You don't have a



Extractor Fan




Washing Machine



or whatever else that you need.

Plus you now have to employ the following tradespeople:

Kitchenfitter (Make sure he/she comes well recommended)

Plumber (Disconnect existing sink/washing machine/dishwasher)


Plasterer (If you are removing old tiles from the backsplash and need wall repairs)

Tiling Contractor (If you are having ceramic tiling done)

Refuse/Waste Collection Service.

Now lets start with

THE KITCHEN â€" A flatpack kitchen with Vinyl Wrapped doors in oak or similar, about 15 units, worktop, cornice, pelmet, handles, kicker plinth, worktop joiner bars, worktop end bars, door hinges, doors. This should set you back about â,¬4,400. Plus delivery.

THE KITCHENFITTER. If they are any good they will offer to take out the old kitchen (Lets Say â,¬500) refit the new kitchen in 1 â€" 1.5 days. A kitchen of around 15 units should cost anything between â,¬600 â€" â,¬800. But remember this is based on the fitters being able to complete the fitting in 1 â€" 2 days at the most. And a kitchenfitter can only put a kitchen together if all the parts turn up, waiting around for parts or coming back 5-10days later to fit parts that are not there in the first place all costs extra.

PARTS TURNING UP â€" My experience here in Ireland points to the fact that they don't turn up on the first go. Now it is costing you the customer more money than anticipated to have your kitchen fitted properly because the fitters have to come back another day. I must also point out that althought price is a factor, you should also consider the quality of the fitting of the kitchen. If it ain't fitted right then it is never going to look right and you may spend the next 5-10 years looking at this heap of unhappiness in the room where you may have to spend up to 6 hours of your day.

THE PLUMBER â€" A good plumber will come and disconnect the old appliances and taps. Should cost you around â,¬350. He will come back and re-plumb the new sink and appliances for around â,¬450. This depends on the length of runs for pipes and materials. But budget for this amount.

THE ELECTRICIAN â€" Again make sure his is qualified and registered. To move a couple of sockets and maybe install one or two new socket and switch points for under counter lights etc. Budget for â,¬500.

THE PLASTERER â€" A good plasterer is essential especially if you are retiling or you might be going to paint the backsplash for a change, so the wall finish must be top-notch. A good plasterer including materials to bond and skim the backsplash should be somewhere in the region of â,¬300 â€" â,¬400.

THE TILING CONTRACTOR â€" A backsplash basic in design and using a ceramic tile should cost no more than â,¬350 this would include the adhesive, grouts and trims. You supply the tiles. Floor tiles (ceramic) should cost about â,¬45 per square yard. This should again include for floor adhesive and grout, you again supply the tiles. Trims would be extra.

WASTE DISPOSAL â€" A regular skip should cost no more than â,¬350. All you have to do is fill it yourself or get somebody for a day to fill it. Cost â,¬150 for a days pay.

APPLIANCES â€" Just a quick calculation on what your appliances may cost you, providing you are getting new appliances. But you can pick what you like from these prices, again these would be at the cheaper end of the market, but nonetheless a recognised and good brand:

1. Sink From â,¬145.00 1.5 bowl with drainer

2. Taps From â,¬157.00

3. Eye Level Electric Double Oven â,¬675.00

4. Ceramic Electric Hob â,¬345.00

5. Extractor (Something Decent) â,¬449.00 (Chrome and Glass)

6. 70 : 30 Integrated Fridge Freezer â,¬549.00

7. Microwave Oven Integrated â,¬349.00

8. Integrated Washing Machine â,¬654.00

9. Integrated 60cm Dishwasher â,¬524.00

10. Delivery â,¬100.00

END RESULT â€" The kitchen (assuming that you purchase all new appliances and you kitchen is approximately 15 units in size), that started off at â,¬4.400 in the showroom and looked so lovely in 3D Graphics, is now costing you â,¬12, 547 after all the items and necessary adjustments are carried out so that the kitchen can be fitted.

The â,¬12,547.00 does not include your time, your time taken off work to cater for people calling to carry out their part of the job. It does not allow for the stress that you have to endure and the endless arguments between you and your spouse.

So remember that when you are getting a kitchen or wardrobe and you get the guy at the DIY store selling you. Think again! HOW CAN I REDUCE MY COSTS, MY STRESS LEVEL, AND DO MY JOB AT THE SAME TIME IN THIS OPERATION! Well in Ireland you can call us at, where we design, manufacture and install your kitchen to your satisfaction. We also supply other tradespeople on your behalf, and you can carry on working while we get on with getting your kitchen done! And only when you're happy are we happy! And from July 2008 you will be able to purchase all your appliances and kitchenwares online from from the comfort of your own home! HOW'S ABOUT THAT! Thanks for reading and I hope it makes sense!

By FabVin