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Meeting Room Design   by M. Arif Alian

in Home / Interior Design    (submitted 2012-01-04)

Meeting room is one of important room in the office. Almost all important decisions and agreements are formulated in this room. So, a meeting room design must be designed as good as possible in order to create an relaxed atmosphere-but still focus for meeting participants and can help to create a good communication between director and staff or between director and business partner.

In designing the meeting room, we must consider several factors: equipments for the room, the arrangement of the wiring system, lighting, and room color.

The first factor is equipment for the room. Several main equipments for the room are meeting table, chairs, whiteboard, projector, and screen. Meeting table is the center of meeting activity. Thus, the position of the table must be in the middle of the room. There are many forms meeting table. The Selection of meeting table must be adjusted by the number of meeting participants and the meeting room's size. Several forms of meeting table are single line table, round table, U-table model, and the O-table model. If your room is not large, single line table is the best choice. when using the single line table, the position of meeting participants are on two opposite sides of the table. The position of the director's chair should be on other side and facing directly to the screen. Other table form is round table. By using a round table, all meeting participants can face each other freely. However, in this position, there are several meeting participants that will be rather difficult to look towards screen or whiteboard. This table should be used only for the meeting discussion, not for meeting presentation. Other forms are U-model table and O-model table. The functions, advantages, and disadvantages of both models are the same as single-line tables and round tables. But these two tables are only suitable in the larger room.

For the whiteboard, it is should be placed in the corner where is easily seen by meeting participants. Don't place near the door because the access in and out of the room would disrupt the concentration of meeting participants. There are many types of projector screen. Based on its placement, there is a projector that is placed on the floor (using a tripod), hung on the wall, and hung on the ceiling.

The next factor is the arrangement of wiring systems.The bad wiring arrangement will make the room look untidy. Even worse, The bad wiring arrangement can cause disruption in electrical networks, computer networks, or loudspeakers networks. So, you should set a specific network for wires. For loudspeakers such as a microphone, it is better for you to use a wireless microphone.

Next factor for meeting room design is the room lighting. Inside the meeting room, two types lights should be installed, bright lights and dim lights. Use bright lights while discussing and use dim lights while presenting. The light from outside of the room also should be limited. The light from outside of the room can disguise the display screen.

The last factor is room color. There is no specific recommendations for the meeting room color. However, the color should be able to feature company's image.