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Modular Kitchen Designs - The Call of Interior Decor Times   by Neha Seth

in Home / Remodeling    (submitted 2012-07-16)

For this is a place where culinary passions explore and various taste gland temptations find the perfect resort, a kitchen is the most favourite space for the one who seeks companionship in cooking. Kitchen is where the heart of a dedicated home maker lies, and where everything pertaining to food is revered. Considered to be more than a food junction, it is more of an altar; kitchen is the most favourite outlet for a woman or any fanatic chef. Hence, it must be fabricated incorporating the latest trends. There are many kitchen designs that are swarming the market these days and various upbeat concepts in kitchen are taking front form. Modular kitchen is one of the most innovative trends that has revolutionized kitchen interior market off late and making waves too. And why you ask? Well for reasons more than one, but most predominant being its compact character that optimizes the entire space available.

Made up of varied modules that form a design, modular kitchens are available in various chimneys, shutters, shelves, cabinets, sink pullouts, ovens, baskets and various units. The array of color schemes that they are offered in are white, red, blue, yellow, orange to metallic hues like gold, silver and pearl.

Having paved way for a new domain, modular kitchens are being readily accepted and adopted by various home makers. They have more benefits as compared to a traditional kitchen and are also known as ready-to-install or pre fabricated on affectionate terms.

Some of the best features that they are known for precisely are:

- Durable

- Termite resistant

- Longer service life

- Moisture resistant

- Temperature resistant

Let's look at some of the many benefits that they are endowed with:

-Great aesthetic value

-Comparatively less smoky

-Optimization of the space

-Ease of repairing or replacement

can be comfortably mantled and dismantled and are easy to install as well

-With high gloss finish they are available in lots of creative designs and styles.

-Modular kitchens are available in various patterns and designs to cater to your requirements and taste

-Provides a clutter free ambience

-Easily detachable cabinets and modules

-Can be personalized

-Inbuilt features

-Enhanced functionality

The various accessories that are available in an extensive modular kitchen are:

-Dish washers are available in various sizes

-Chimneys are available to expel smoke from your kitchen. They are available in various forms and features

-Microwave ovens are of great usage

-Cooking range comprising of multiple burners can help you keep your kitchen clutter free and reduce your tasks quite a bit

-Full trend shutters are also available where you can stack your kitchen utensils and crockery. They are usually durable and reliable.

The various types of modular kitchen are:

-Single wall kitchens

-L type kitchens

-Parallel wall kitchens

-U type kitchens

-Island Kitchen