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Ottawa Kitchens - Kitchen designs, ideas, and renovation tips   by Rico Valdez

in Home / Home Repair    (submitted 2010-09-04)

This article will discuss your next Ottawa kitchen renovations project. As the experts in ottawa home improvement we have assisted thousands of home owners create the kitchen of their dreams. When planning your next kitchen renovations it is a good idea to picture your dream kitchen in your head first. Browsing through various home improvement stores like rona will provide you with a good starting point of how your kitchen will look like.

Kitchen Cabinetry:

Do you want oak? Vaneer? pressed wood? Pine? The type of cabinets you choose create the look/feel of your new kitchen.If budget is dictating the atmosphere then do not be shy about going with pressed wood with vaneer finishes. These finishes are cheaper yet from the outside look like the real deal, they have a thin layer of oak wood therefore giving the appearance without the high cost.Home owners tend to go with a wood for the cabinets that have very rich looking grains and each wood material has its own unique look and feel. The main kitchen cabinet materials are oak, pine, birch, hickory, and many more.


A kitchen counter will be where most of the action in your new kitchen will take place therefore the importance of picking the right type if paramount.When selecting a counter-top a customer has a few main choices to go with; certamic/stone, synthetic, quartz, and steel. Each material has its own cons and benefits as well as price to go along with it.

Granite and Quartz are the highest you can go for a granite countertop solution. Going with a vynil/laminte still provides a nice look without hurting the wallet, it would be the cheapest material for countertops.

accessories and flooring for your Kitchen:

After you have decided on the most important aspect of your new kitchen renovations, it is time to explore the details. These details include the flooring, faucets, and backsplash.

Lets start with the floor, a very common installation for kitchen flooring would be ceramic or porcelain tiles. Installing ceramic stones ensures durability, water protection, and a beautiful kitchen that you will be happy with. It is recommended not to use hardwood flooring due to water damage because of high water exposure.After the kitchen flooring has been confirmed the faucets are next, the choice is up to you and you have thousands of varieties to choose from. There are many fancy styles and even more material types to choose from, which include chrome, antique brass, brushed nickel, etc. Having an elegant backsplash for your kitchen renovation will ensure that your kitchen cabinets are complimented as well as the counter. Whether you go with glass mosiac backsplash or a standard ceramic backsplash it is important to select colors that compliment the overall look and feel of the bathroom, do not let backsplash tiles overpower the kitchen so opt for elegant neutral colors.

As you can see through this article there is not a single aspect of your kitchen plans that can be left out, from the kitchen cabinet, to the flooring in the kitchen, to even the kitchen counter you should take a holistic approach to your kitchen design ideas. If you are thinking of a classic kitchen design or a new kitchen system then the kitchen design ideas expressed in this article should give you some tips/tricks to help you better understand your upcomming kitchen renovations. It is strongly recommended to plan your kitchen renovations with professionals to ensure that your dreams do not turn into kitchen nightmares.