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The Benefits of Using Acrylic Bath   by Arthur Mavericck

in Home / Interior Design    (submitted 2009-03-16)

There are numerous baths available for you to choose from and they come in various shapes and sizes, which may make it difficult for you to choose your bathtub. However, one of the most popular baths today is the acrylic bath. There are many benefits of purchasing acrylic baths. This type of bathtub is very versatile and easy to maintain. That is why more and more people are buying baths made from acrylic. The following points are just some of the main features of an acrylic bath that you are sure to benefit from.

Acrylic baths are constructed using a sheet of vacuum moulded acrylic. The internal structure of these baths is reinforced with steel like strength fibre glass. As the chemical composition of acrylic is similar to plastics, an acrylic bath is a lightweight option. Should you ever want to redesign your bathroom, acrylic baths are easier to move around. Although acrylic baths are lightweight, they are very durable and strong. The durability of acrylic baths is due to the fibre glass that reinforces the external shell of the tub. Essentially, you will get two valuable benefits from acrylic baths. They are lightweight but at the same time very strong.

An excellent feature of the acrylic bath is that the colour will not fade. Acrylic tubs are manufactured using colour fast techniques. This means the acrylic raw material has its natural colouring at the start of the manufacturing process. The colours of the baths therefore are embedded through the acrylic and not painted on its exterior. That is why it is almost impossible for acrylic baths to fade because they do not have external paints. Due to the colour fast process, the hue and tint of an acrylic bath will be equally distributed. This makes acrylic baths extremely attractive and very elegant.

Every acrylic bath has a shiny and very glossy finish. This makes the tub smooth and stain-proof but should you notice some stains on its surface, you can easily remove them using most ordinary house cleaners and water. There are no special chemicals needed to clean acrylic baths. Ordinary soap and water will make your acrylic bath sparklingly clean. However, there are specific chemicals that can damage acrylic such as acetones and paint thinners so keep these harmful chemicals away from your acrylic bath in order to prevent surface damage.

Acrylic baths are very modern bathtubs suitable for everyone and they have the durability of steel because acrylic-made tubs are shatter proof. An Acrylic bath can be scratched but the original beauty of your acrylic bathtub can be restored using a special smoothing solution. If you are planning to redesign your bathroom and buy a new bath, acrylic is an excellent option.