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The Rise of a New Round of Revolution in Popular Holism Kitchen - Kitchen Appliances, Gas Stoves, Mi   by jekky

in Business    (submitted 2011-01-19)

The overall style of the kitchen appliances in Changsha intensified. "51" on the eve of the forest, the leading kitchen appliances brand Haier seize the opportunity to launch a combined package and conceptual kitchen package, which introduced dozens of new forest, are all out the whole kitchen appliances market, and prices down 15%. Set of kitchen appliances, will be popular nowadays, "the whole kitchen," a further interpretation of the concept, style, unity, harmony features a modern kitchen, complete kitchen appliances in beautiful scenery. Kitchen appliances into a bundled set of selling Recently, journalists in pass-way, multi-family Run, Wonder House, the 10,000-li so many home appliances, home improvement market, a market survey found that all stores have established set of cabinets with electrical appliances exhibition hall in one of the whole kitchen, public manufacturers around the "kitchen", expand gas stove, range hood, disinfecting cabinets, water heaters and other promotional products collection suits competition. Kitchen appliances, "Complete home improvement" Click here to view all news photos According to Tong Cheng, Home Run more, Suning, such as store sales show that the forest's "kitchen family of four," Haier's "golden package" popular. Peng Wei, general manager of the forest in Hunan Electric Red told reporters: "Our aim is to promote energy conservation, environmental protection, safety of life, in order to achieve the best overall effect kitchen. 70% of households now buy brand integration trend emerged that water heaters, sterilizing cabinets, gas stove, range hood to buy a whole brand. not only in size, color, material and style photogenic coordination, and even the shape and function of the gradual integration with the style of the kitchen. " N holism popular reason for "Kitchen appliances are from different brands, some consumers may find themselves in the purchase to keep pile of invoices, how can the problem once found, have to separately look different manufacturers, it is troublesome." Tong Cheng Electric Tenda vice president, said Yu, the overall market demand for kitchen appliances, professional kitchen appliances for some bigger markets. Forest, Haier flashed the "cabinet appliance integration, satisfaction with one stop service" concept, completely breaking the consumer dilemma. I Tenda analysis of the advantages of package is very clear. First, the price advantage, similar to "buy", manufacturers relatively large margin of preference, according to information released this forest, "Kitchen family of four," the overall price of 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan; followed by saving time, effort, Province mind, manufacturers can deliver and install the door in place, more convenient and efficient after-sales service guarantee; Finally, the integration can be achieved decoration, complete suite of appliances, in color, shape and design can be matched with the kitchen decor, style can achieve reunification. Peng Wei Hung told reporters that the specific forest practices embodied in the "Five", namely "integration consulting, integration design, integration, configuration, integration, installation and integration services." Users simply with an invoice, a phone, all problems can be easily resolved. Health, energy saving, environmental protection as the key to popular "Poor than the living room, the rich than the kitchen," "fitting good, the kitchen is to represent" so popular words, reflecting the kitchen has been given more expectations and demands of the people has become to create emotional space to prepare meals labor change into a "pleasing" joy of life, improve quality of life an important part. Consumer safety of the whole kitchen appliances, energy saving, environmental performance, more and more sensitive. Environmental protection, energy saving, security has become the consumer to buy a whole kitchen appliances reference factors. "Only safe, energy saving, environmental protection, gas appliances, to win the market and consumers. Health, energy saving, environmental protection, as the whole key to kitchen appliances to be popular." Provincial quality inspection departments, a professional home department told reporters shortly before a mandatory spot checks, forest, Haier and other gas appliances in energy conservation, safety, environmental protection is very prominent. This reporter has learned, the forest the launch of the "kitchen family of four" no is not healthy, energy-saving, environmentally friendly products, including forest DC inverter control water heater, energy saving and safe; its "shaped fire" gas stove with high fashion Imported black crystal glass panel, fashion environmentally safe...... the market proved safe, energy saving, environmental protection, kitchen appliances, to be consumers. [Keyword Search]: Kitchen appliances Gas stoves Microwave ovens Large In Small