Tips to Consider For Your Bath Design

If you need to remodel a bathroom, then start by taking a look at the tub. Bath design has come a long way and there are wonderful products available that will make your bath a luxurious experience. In this article, we'll tell you what you should keep in mind when choosing a new bathtub.

The purpose of the bathroom will dictate which bath design you opt for. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a jacuzzi tub for a child's or guest bathroom. However, if you're a bath lover, then investing in a jetted or soaking tub that will be used every day is money well spent.

Beautiful bathrooms don't necessarily have to be expensive. You can choose from basic tub styles and then decorating bathrooms is as easy as adding gorgeous show curtains, stylish shower caddies and plush towels that coordinate with your color schemes.

You must also consider the available space and what it will take to install the tub. Check to see if additional carpentry will be required for installation and find out how much the tub will weigh when it's full. A tub full of water must be adequately supported, so check your framing.

Cast-iron tubs, whirlpools, soaking and sunken tubs often require additional support. A tub sized for more than one person will put additional demands on the home's hot water heater too, so you may also require an upgrade or a separate water heater.

Besides the common rectangular shape, tubs also come in corner, oval, circular and freestanding styles. Built-in tubs can be alcove, drop-in or corner style. An alcove tub is standard in most homes and are often tub-shower combinations with waterproof surrounding walls.

Drop-in tubs can be sunken into the floor or a tub deck. Drop-in models that are mounted into their own frame or deck will require additional carpentry or framework, which can add to the overall cost.