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Use an Online Bathroom Planner to Make a Functional Small Bathroom Design   by William Socket

in Home / Interior Design    (submitted 2012-11-19)

With some online help, you can easily create a small bathroom design that is functional as well as stylish. Virtual bathroom planner applications offer great start-to-finish design solutions. Use online room designers to try out different fittings and combinations and see how well they suit your bathroom.

These design tools have many user-friendly features which make bathroom decorating easy and fun. The interface is simple to use with built-in filters and helpful options like drag and drop. Use the virtual camera to view your design from several angles. The “Share” option allows you to send a link to your final small bathroom design to friends by email. Use insights and advice from friends to improve your design.

Another advantage of designing with online tools is that they have built-in style galleries so you can choose from different styles such as rustic country or charming vintage. These tools are perfect for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners as they offer a step-by-step guide for completing a bathroom project. Some sites also offer design apps that can downloaded on your phone so you can design on the go.

Start your small bathroom design by planning the floor layout as designing small spaces is all about maximizing the space you have available. Design tricks such as positioning the bathtub or shower enclosure against the rear wall to free up space are good ideas for small bath spaces. Bathroom planner tools help you view different layouts from several angles to figure out a plan that best suits your bathroom. Drag sinks, vanities and bathtubs around the bathroom to figure out a layout that is free-flowing and functional. Bathroom tools also consider different aspects of design such as the position of the door and windows while making a layout.

Bathroom planner tools available on the websites of decor stores make it easy to choose fixtures and furniture. You can select bathroom essentials like vanities and towel racks from the store’s collection. Some stores also offer to send you paint chips and tile samples so it’s easy to decide on the final design.

Create relaxing bathrooms with these interactive tools.

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