Your Kitchen Remodeling Project - Tips and Ideas to Help Insure Success and Best Quality Results

No other room of the house works harder, is used more frequently, or is more versatile than the kitchen. It serves multi-purposes and is the heart of the home. Just one reason why a kitchen remodeling project is among the most popular type of home renovation. Another reason why homeowners are willing to invest substantial amounts of money in a kitchen makeover is because it increases the real estate market value of their property. This is especially true when remodeling is to update and modernize the kitchen. Even if updates are purely aesthetic, features such as a natural stone custom kitchen counter top or custom kitchen cabinet design using quality oak, maple, or an exotic wood will prove a good marketing investment.

A More Professional Kitchen Design

Perhaps your kitchen renovation idea is a do it yourself project. Or, you may plan on hiring a home interior designer or kitchen and bath contractor for the job. Regardless, why not consider the following tips and ideas for a more efficient, innovative kitchen design? One with multi-purpose features to save space and make your kitchen even more efficient and versatile.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling:

Whatever your budget, always opt for the best quality cabinetry possible; whether factory or custom made. This includes drawer runners made from metal instead of plastic, drawers with closer dampeners (preventing drawers from forcefully slamming shut), quality wood cabinet doors instead of laminated materials or engineered wood, etc. Select a style that compliments your new kitchen design - which should compliment and fit in with the rest of the house d├ęcor. When it comes to custom built cabinetry, have the kitchen cabinet contractor incorporate as many space saving and ease-of-use features as possible. Including wall cabinets with doors that lift up instead of opening sideways, swing out base cabinet doors that open to reveal additional shelving on the inside of the doors, corner lazy Susan components, drawers with sectioned components that lift out, cupboards with vertical stacking slots for plates, saucers, and bowls, and butcher block-type cutting boards located by the sink area that pull out from under the counter.

The Work Triangle

If designing your own kitchen, incorporate into the plan the basic work triangle - a design that sets the sink, cooking area, and refrigerator at the tips of an imaginary triangle. Saving steps and time when preparing foods; preventing "traffic jams" when more than one person uses the kitchen at the same time. Many times the kitchen also serves as space for accomplishing other tasks; such as homework, family discussions, entertaining, or paperwork. A work triangle at one end of the room with a corner breakfast nook or kitchen table at the opposite end will work best. Any outside entryway should open at the opposite end of the kitchen. Not in a location where persons entering would have to pass through the work triangle area to access other areas of the kitchen. The same is true for entry ways that lead from other rooms in the house into the kitchen.